What's changed

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What's changed

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From ESdat Server Version 3.0, LSPECS has been rebuilt from the ground up.  This means that there have been some significant changes and upgrades in the system.


The main changes are summarised below:


Web browser compatibility - LSPECS no longer relies on the Silverlight platform.  This means that you can use LSPECS in web browsers other than Internet Explorer (such as Chrome), and some LSPECS functionality is now available on your tablet device.


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Simplified interface - LSPECS no longer relies on wizards to populate your data.  For most data, you now simply click "Add" or "Edit" for the field(s) you want to modify and enter your values directly in the field.


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Schedules - Monitoring Programs have been renamed Schedules.  This better describes what a Schedule is, and clearly differentiates it from a Monitoring Round.  Some aspects of Monitoring Programs have been removed to simplify Schedules, which now simply focus on the recurrence of a Monitoring Round.  Monitoring Programs have been migrated to Schedules and the link between the previous Monitoring Program and Environmental Standards and Locations has been removed.  Environmental Standards are now associated only with Sites or Locations.