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Ecoforum Conference & Exhibition 2014 on the Gold Coast features ESdat Environmental Data Management System

ESdat Environmental Data Management Software was demonstrated at the Ecoforum Conference & Exhibition 2014 at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia from the 29 to 31 October 2014 by the software developers, Earth Science Information Systems (EScIS). The Ecoforum was a great success. For the first time at Ecoforum EScIS occupied a booth, which attracted a lot of interest and was well attended by existing and (we hope!) new clients.

The conference themes included:

• Characterization of contaminated soil, sediment and groundwater
• Remediation design and in situ and ex situ remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater and sustainable remediation
• Urban regeneration, brownfield development and sustainable development of property and environment,
• Vapour intrusion, ground gas, unconventional gas (coal seam and shale)
• Human health and environmental risk assessment
• Site audit, legal perspectives, regulatory perspectives and community participation and communication
• Contaminated soil and waste treatment facilities
• A student program with the objective of sponsoring and mentoring

EarthScience Information Systems is an innovative leader in environmental data management software. The flagship ESdat software enables users to manage, analyze and report large amounts of data while automating the time consuming and tedious tasks.



Abstract Submission

Introducing LSPECS – A Web Based Integrated Field Program Management System

Tom Wilson1, Warwick Wood1

1 EarthScience Information Systems, 5/243 River Street Ballina, NSW, 2481 AUSTRALIA

Session Theme relevant to: Site Characterization

Keywords: Efficient Sample Planning, Field Program Accuracy, e-Data Capture

Achieving efficient & accurate transfer of sampling event/program details amongst stakeholders is important yet challenging. Important details can be lost or updated information missed as communication occurs via various means (meetings, email, phone calls, documents etc).

Maintaining accurate visibility of the progress of concurrent sampling programs can be time consuming & stressful. Missed details can fatally impact projects scope thereby resulting in significant (sometimes catastrophic) budget and time blow-outs.

EScIS set out to develop a field program management system to achieve the following:
• Web based – allow all stakeholders (internal & external) to view ‘live’ project information and to receive customizable notifications from any on line location
• Sample Planning – manage sampling & quality plan details for multiple sites and projects for all media (soil, water etc) including QA & nomination of appropriate standards/criteria
• Project management – allow users to manage/view multiple sampling events at multiple sites at variable frequencies
• Laboratory – electronically manage all laboratory communications, including management of laboratory quotes, analysis and sample containers
• Adaptability – include the ability to easily manage mid-stream program changes
• Field friendly – users to choose if field data is captured electronically or by hard copy

LSPECS is a robust, updatable & intuitive field program management system that exceeds the above objectives. Multiple field programs can be designed, delegated & managed from a single interface. Data is stored and shared centrally minimizing communication errors/omissions. LSPECS combines with PLog Environmental for 10” tablet field data collection.

LSPECS manages electronic delivery of lab submissions, SRNs and lab reports, with staged quality & completeness checks before integrating seamlessly with ESdat.

LSPECS is a purpose-built web-based field program management system that assists users to efficiently and accurately design, communicate, manage & execute sampling events.


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