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ESdat Development: LSpecs Web Interface

Managing multiple Monitoring Programs, across one or many sites is about to become a whole lot easier for users of ESdat. A LSpecs web interface for ESdat (SQL Server version) will be supporting a Scheduler, electronic COC and automated Laboratory Data upload, QA Reports and Chemistry Exceedance Tables all through a web interface. Please send an email to if you would like a demo and a login to try out the beta version. more

ESdat Development: Site and Project Permissions Management

When ESdat 5 is released later this year, the SQL Server version will support users being allocated View, Read/Write and Delete permissions on a per-Project basis. This complements the existing functionality to set all data related to a Site to “Restricted”, so only certain users can see data for that site.

URS purchase unlimited usage ESdat Licence

URS (Australia/New Zealand) and EarthScience Information Systems (EScIS) are pleased to announce the purchase of an unlimited usage ESdat Licence by URS for its Australian and New Zealand Offices. more

Oil Search, Beach Energy and Carbon Energy purchase ESdat data management software licences.

These companies join some of the major Energy Companies that have existing ESdat Licences, such as Origin Energy, Linc Energy and AGL. Warwick Wood, Director, EarthScience Information Systems Pty Ltd commented.. more

ESdat Version 4.4: Faster, Even More Secure, Easier Maintenance of Standards, and Exceeds ProUCL Requirements

ESdat version 4.4 is now faster and addresses the complex and varied needs of environmental consultants and site managers even better. It is ideal for users who have requested functionality enhancements to provide comments. If you haven’t already updated, we highly recommend it. more

Providing laboratory results to Risk Assessors from ESdat

Risk Assessors often have very specific data layout preferences which is quite different to other staff.  Many will use ESdat themselves in order to filter for specific datasets; others prefer to be provided with only a spreadsheet. In either case it is critical that time not be wasted re-formatting data. more

Handy Hints

Improve your Chemistry Exceedance Table Layout. LNAPL density corrections. Data Editing in ESdat. Changing the Order and Grouping of Compounds in the Chemistry Output Table and much more.. more

New ESdat Tutorials Available

New Tutorials for ESdat are available on the ESdat Support Portal. These focus on Functions: Mapping, Importing & editing, Filtering. Data Types: Chemistry (General usage and Advanced), Groundwater, Borehole Logs, Timevariant TOC. more

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