Providing laboratory results to Risk Assessors from ESdat

Risk Assessors often have very specific data layout preferences which is quite different to other staff.  Many will use ESdat themselves in order to filter for specific datasets; others prefer to be provided with only a spreadsheet.

In either case it is critical that time not be wasted re-formatting data when that can be avoided.  Generally, Risk Assessors prefer one of the following to styles of layout: 

This article is directed at the latter requirement.  The former requirement should need no explanation for ESdat users, although the CleanCells function may be of interest. 

ESdat has two places from which data can be exported in ProUCL format: 

Groundwater Remediation Plans
Option 1: Once a Chemistry Table has been produced, and is in Excel, the data can then be further exported to ProUCL using the ProUCL button on the Exceedance Formatting Toolbar.

Although this method is convenient for extracting data from a previously exported Table, it doesn't include any option to group the data beyond any filtering that was applied prior to table generation.

However, if grouping is necessary it can be added after the ProUCL format is generated.  The Sample Headers (ie Location Code) can be simply copied from the ESdat Table and pasted next to the data exported to ProUCL.  The data will align exactly.

The above example shows an ESdat table with the compounds across, which is the same orientation as the ProUCL format, and hence slightly easier.  However, the same principal applies if the ESdat table has compounds down, just the user will need to paste with Transpose..

  Groundwater Remediation Plans

Option 2: From the main ESdat Interface data can be dynamically filtered and exported to ProUCL (or to Excel in ProUCL format). 

Although ProUCL only supports grouping by one Sample Field at a time,  ESdat can now (version 4.4.04) export while grouping by multiple Sample Fields at once (ie Location, Monitoring Zone, Monitoring Round). 

This is now a very powerful export for providing a full Chemistry Table layout, that is compatible with ProUCL but is in a format that can be useful for other purposes Risk Assessors often require.

Groundwater Remediation Plans