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pLog provides tablet based bore logging for geological professionals who dont want to use pen and paper.

pLog operates offline and runs on an Android Tablet.

  • works in the rain
  • faster data collection (vs hand written notes)
  • consistent descriptions
  • eliminates transcription errors
  • No data re-entry back in the office
  • Simply print or email logs for review
Tablet based geological data collection software using pLog

Data entry can be configured to match your own preferences, then data is uploaded to the cloud and viewed through:

  • gINT
  • ESdat (ESlog)
  • AGS (Excel)

Report quality logs can be produced using your current bore templates for the above software.

See the Dataforensics website for more information, or send us an email at

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  • 100% of environmental professionals saved time when using Esdat Environmental Data Software. Over 50% of professionals achieved time savings of at least 40%.
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