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ESdat Overview

Overview of the functions of the ESdat Environmental Data Management System, describing how the database can integrate Sample Planning, electronic Chain of Custody, Lab Data Submissions and Receipt, other data, and produce outputs in the form of Tables, Graphs, Maps and integrate with other software.

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ESdat mapping and EVS Export

Filter for a compound in ESdat, view the concentration distribution on a map and view the results with depth and exceedances.

Export the data to EVS and view the data in 3D.

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Filter and Chemistry Exceedance Table

Use ESdat to filter for all PAH/Phenol Compounds within 1 meter of the surface and 400 meters of a pond. Show results on a Chemistry Exceedance Table with USEPA Region 9 Industrial and Residential Guideline exceedances flagged.

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ESdat and gINT Borehole Logs

Filter for locations in ESdat, off a map, or by lithology, stratigraphy, depths etc.. and display the data in gINT

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