Data Types

ESdat can manage many types of environmental data including the following:

Laboratory Results

  • Automated import of laboratory data
  • Store certified PDF copies of lab report
  • Import all QA data (blanks, duplicates,holding times etc..)

Most laboratories can provide data in ESdat format, just ask your laboratory or see the list of compliant laboratories.

Importing laboratory data directly into ESdat removes transcription time and typographic errors, and increases the ability to effectively check the data using the validation and QA tools that ESdat provides.

The "LabSync" service means laboratory reports are automatically uploaded from the lab, validated, and imported into ESdat, or flagged for review and re-issue by the lab. Once validated and imported users receive an email with a link to review the laboratory report directly in the browser.

Field Data

  • Surface water, groundwater, vapour and other parameters
  • Water Levels
  • Tablet data collection and offline forms
  • Photos, documents and metadata
  • Field options include: ESdat Field Portal, PLog, Excel forms

Environmental Standards

  • Regulatory guidelines are preloaded and maintained
  • Site or location specific guidelines can be uploaded
  • pH / Hardness / depth & matrix specific guidelines

ESdat comes pre-loaded with most regulatory guidelines. See the list of compiled standards. Users can also add their own site-specific or other guidelines as required.

Environmental Standards, and exceedances can be shown and flagged on all the ESdat outputs, including Chemistry Output Tables, Graphs, and Maps.

Scheduling and Sample Planning

  • Sample Planning module integrated with field tablets
  • Plan recurring sampling rounds
  • Specify Locations, QA Samples, Analyses and Containers
  • Assign to specific staff
  • Pre-populate a eCOC & print if needed
  • Electronic Chain of Custody to send requests to laboratories

Meteorological, Dust and Noise

  • Rain, Wind, Temperature, Noise
  • HiVol and Depositional Dust Sampling Parameters and Corrections
  • Air Quality

Surface Water Flow, Groundwater Levels and data loggers

  • Automated upload of logger files
  • Support a variety of formats
  • View on timeseries graphs

Geological and Environmental Logger Data

Geological, hydrogeological and borehole

  • Borehole and well construction details
  • Hydrogeological, geological and borehole data management
  • Lithological, Geotechnical and Stratigraphic data
  • Groundwater Data (levels, aquifers, aquifer tests)
  • Pumping
  • Groundwater depth to elevation conversion
  • LNAPL depth to elevation density corrections
  • Time-variant Top of Casing due to subsidence or excavation


  • Client specific customizations available, or
  • Extend the database schema in house

ESdat Server can also be customized to accommodate any specialist data not accommodated in the standard system.  For example, it has been customized to manage lease and landholder contact tracking amongst others.