ESdat Online and ESdat Server Web Interface

The web interface for ESdat Online and ESdat Server offers a highly interactive and intuitive experience for users looking to manage and report their laboratory, field, logger, borehole and related data.

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The web interface is simple enough that most users can use it immediately with no training or familiarization.

LabSync, Notifications and Data Views

Laboratory Results are automatically uploaded into ESdat from supporting laboratories using the LabSync validation and import mechanism.

Notifications of exceedances are emailed directly to users & users can analyse data in the following key Data Views.

Exceedance Tables

Analytical data can be displayed in Chemistry Summary tables such as below, showing analytical results against the compounds tested. Data can be filtered by Laboratory Report, Location, Date Range or a variety of other options. Results can be compared against guidelines and exceedances highlighted, as shown below.

Outputs are completely interactive, you can make a change and immediately see the change reflected in the browser: turn Environmental Standards on or off; view Detects Only; enter qualifiers or comments; a variety of other options .

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The design of the report provides great flexibility for adjusting the layout of data, chemicals and groupings. Table formatting can be saved and assigned as a default setting. Tables can be exported to Excel/PDF for use in reports.


Where locations have been assigned coordinates, chemistry results can be displayed in call-out-tables with Exceedances highlighted. An example map display is below.

The locations can be exported to other packages such as ArcGIS, MapInfo, QGIS or other GIS packages. The formatted call-out-tables can be exported in png format and positioned to fit.

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ESdat uses Bing Maps imagery as the default background for built in mapping features. Users can also add Map Layouts utilising WMS (web mapping service) or WFS (web feature service) layers. There are an increasing variety of government and other WMS and WFS layers available online.


Results can be filtered by Location, Parameter or a variety of other options and viewed as time series charts.

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ESdat produces QA Reports on your field and laboratory QA, such as Field Duplicates (RPD Values), Lab Duplicates, Spikes, Surrogates, Blanks and logic checks.

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Field Portal

The ESdat Field Portal is a part of the ESdat Web Interface optimised for use in the field on a Tablet or a Phone. It can be used ad-hoc or combined with LSPECS for scheduling planned Monitoring Rounds.

Field Results are entered using the form below, which can be configured to meet custom requirements and records all information and results related to a visit to a Location. The below example shows stabilisation parameters (optional, stabilisation indicated as red or green).

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The Field Portal is complemented by the Locations Portal which shows all your Monitoring Locations, can calculate their distance from you, and shows associated details, photographs, documents and previous monitoring results.