Additional ESdat Server Options

ESdat Data Services

ESdat Data Webservice provides a passive webservice interface for the exchange (uploading or retrieval) of data between ESdat and other systems.

The ESdat Data Webservice exposes ESdat data related to Chemistry Results, Groundwater Depths, and Logger Data. The ESdat Data Webservice supports upload of Logger Data via a webservice.

Typically the ESdat Data Webservice would be integrated with another Webservice that for other system to be integrated. EScIS can provide assistance with a Webservice for the other system on a consulting basis if required.

ESdat WFS (Web Feature Services)

The ESdat WFS Service exposes ESdat data in the Open Geoscience Consortium (OGC) Web Feature Service (WFS) format.

The ESdat WFS Service provides the following ESdat data types as WFS layers:

  • Locations
  • Boreholes
  • Chemistry Samples and Results
  • Water Depths

ESdat Change Tracker

Tracks all edits and deletions made to the ESdat database, along with the User, Date/Time, Old Value.

ESdat Public Portal

The ESdat Public Portal is able to provide monitoring data in a simple to understand format for external or public consumption, with or without protection by a user name and password.

Reports can be integrated with Bing Maps as a backdrop, and allow interaction between clicking on a point and the data displayed on the report (ie click on a point and see all data related to that point)

Online reporting of monitoring results

One example implementation of the ESdat Public Portal is the Shoalhaven City Council "Aquadata" website. See the  Aquadata Press Release for more information and for a link to Aquadata

Custom Reports

ESdat Server Web Interface has the ability to output data in custom formats.

An extract from a report is below. A report can consist of multiple tables, graphs and blocks of text, and users can export to Word or PDF and insert an interprative section when required. Another example report, produced in ESdat and exported to MS Word is available here (will download a doc in word format) .

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