Creating a Lab Quote Manually

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Creating a Lab Quote Manually

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A lab quote can be manually created.

There are two levels provided for manual entry of quotes - Groups and Suites (it is not considered feasible for users to enter each analyte for a Suite if entering the details manually as there would be too many and correct ChemCodes would need to be assigned for each).


If individual analytes are required for users to select for lab submission, they should be entered at the Suite level, consistent with how labs typically provide quotes in tabular format (a Group being a table, and a Suite being a row on a table).

Suites are listed under groups.

Click Create under Quotes

To create a new quote for a lab manually click on + Create Quote under the Quotes tab.


Enter Quote Details


Enter the details of the lab quote.

Quote Number - this is used as reference in the System.

Quote Name - name of the quote, often is same as the reference.

Quote Date - date the quote was issued.

Expiry Date - date the quote expires.

Lab Contact - contact at the lab for enquiries.

Lab Office - regional office where the lab quote was issued.

Ref - reference for the lab quote.

Standard Quote - check true if the quote is the standard for this laboratory. Both standard and non standard quotes can be referenced for selecting Analyses for lab submissions.

Client Name - for whom the quote was issued.

Client Ref - reference used by the lab to refer to the client.

Currency - that payment will be made in for quoted analysis.

Valid - check true or false if the lab quote is to be actively referenced.

Add Group


To add a group click Add Group


Enter the name and description for the group and add the required containers.



Click Save to save changes for the quote.

Remove Groups

A group can only be deleted if it does not have any suites under it. The Delete Group button is only enabled when the group can be deleted.

To delete a group select the record and click Delete Group.



Add Suite

Select the group the suite is to be created under and click Add Suite.


Enter Suite Details

The new suite is created under the Group. Enter details of the suite



Name - the name of the suite

Item Code - lab reference for the suite

Description - a description of the suite

Full Suite Price - price of the suite

Can Sub Select - only valid for imported eQuotes.  If checked true it is possible to sub select individual analytes from the suite

Sub Suite Per Analyte Price - the price on a per analyte basis.

Sub Suite Min Price - the total minimum price if selecting per analyte.


Click Save to save changes for the quote.

Multiple suites can be added to a group.

Delete Suite

The Delete Suite button is only enabled when the suite can be deleted. To delete a suite select the record and click Delete Suite.