Internal or Generic Laboratory

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Internal or Generic Laboratory

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There may be occasion where Analyses are not available in the lab quotes. An organisation may wish to use the pre-defined Internal generic laboratory against which to store internal quotes. Users can select Analyses from internal quotes when planning their Monitoring Round and creating Lab Submissions. These are sent to the lab the same as the Analyses requested from the lab quotes.

The Internal lab and the quote are created by default on application install. The analyses for selection can be manually defined in the quote for the Internal Laboratory.

The Internal Laboratory


The Internal laboratory is listed with the Laboratories.

Internal List Quote


The internal list quote is created by default under the Quotes tab.  If a default internal quote does not exist then manually define one by clicking + Create Quote and follow the steps explained in Creating a Lab Quote Manually

Edit Internal List Quote

The Internal list quote can be edited.  Add Groups and Analyses as suites to the quote as required.  Follow the steps explained in Creating a Lab Quote Manually

Select from Internal List

When planning a Monitoring Round or defining a Lab Submission a user can access the Internal list by scrolling to the bottom of the Analyses selection list.  


More details for adding analyses to a Plan or Laboratory submission can be found here.