ESdat Online and Server Update (v4.1)

Version 4.1 of ESdat Online and ESdat Server adds some key functionality to Version 4.0. Most significantly it now supports:

Target Release Dates:

Updates are initially released to ESdat Online and Hosted Systems where systems can be actively monitored. Updates are subsequently available to Onsite Systems. Target release dates are:

ESdat Online Australia, NZ
17th July 2021
ESdat Online Canada, USA, UK
21st July 2021
ESdat Server (Hosted)
From 30rd July 2021
ESdat Server (Onsite installations)
From 7th Aug 2021
*Dates are subject to change as based on monitoring of updated systems.

There is no change to system requirements from the previous version.

Functional Enhancements

Environmental Standards

Owners can be set so that non-admin users can manage individual standards.

The Depth condition can be set as any of >, >=, <, <=

Metastandard functionality to combine multiple Environmental Standards into one, by either using either:

Field Portal

Further Optimised for phone usage

An offline version of the Field Portal called the "ESdat Field App", available as an optional upgrade.

The Locations Portal is also optimised for online phone usage

Chemistry Tables

Increased output limit to 100,000 results for all users.

Ability to show custom text when no Environmental Standard Action Level

Header and Footer Font family can be specified.

Logger Data

The optional Live Logger Data mudule as been further improved., including a "Configuration" function to support a larger variety of logger data formats.

A windrose chart is available for plotting weather logger data.

Next Areas of Development

The main areas of development for version 4.2, scheduled for later in 2021 are: