ESlog: Bore logs in your browser

ESlog is simple, fast and intuitive web based software for the reporting of boring and well log data.

  • Browser based No setup or install required
  • Rapid Simple, easy to use interface
  • Templates Select from our list or edit your own
  • Branding? Add your company logo
  • Export to PDF for your reports 
  • Free? Yes, no Signup or Licence is required
  • Who can use? Anyone can use ESlog, even if you don't have ESdat
  • Integrates with ESdat? for a full electronic data management solution borehole and geology data stored in ESdat automatically populate to ESlog

Data can be typed directly into ESlog or can be exported from ESdat

A complete electronic field data collection to report solution is available comprising PLog for electronic borehole data collection in the field, which synch's the data back to ESdat for population of ESlog. This means Project Managers can be reviewing logs while staff are still onsite.

View demo logs in ESlog and start using ESlog today: or contact your ESdat representatives to implement a full electronic data flow comprising PLog, ESdat and ESlog.

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