Field Management and Data Collection

Field Data Capture isn't simply the collection of data in the field, it's planning what is going to be collected, scheduling and allocating the work; data collection, storage, analysis and reporting.

LSPECS provides a comprehensive platform for all stages of large or recurring field programs: increasing efficiency, reducing administration time (and therefore cost), and reducing the potential for mistakes.



Program managers design, delegate and electronically manage field programs:

  • Define Sampling Locations and Frequency
  • Specify Laboratory Analyses and Containers
  • Email Notifications and Instructions sent to field staff
electronic field data collection


In the Field

View the Plan electronically in the field and collect:

  • Observations
  • Photos
  • Chemistry
  • Groundwater Levels
  • Additional customised information

The ESdat Field App works offline and can work on any phone, tablet or laptop

electronic field data collection


Post Field

Field data is immediately ready for:

  • Online review by Management
  • Refine your eCOC
  • Report field data directly to PDF or Excel reports
  • When Lab Reports are received reconcile Sample Details from the electronic Sample Registry.
electronic field data collection