ESdat User Opinion Survey


98.8% of users said they would recommend the software to a colleague.

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It was voted easy to use, this is what some people said:

  • “Its simple, efficient and easy to learn” Hamish Campbell, ERM
  • “Ease of use, generic/flexible, standard platforms (Access/SQL Server), support” Luke Cameron, Golder Associate's
  • “Quick and easy tables and dataset overview, great QA help” Yvonne Binai, GHD
  • “Ability to pick up guideline exceedances automatically” Belle Casement, Senversa
  • “Good for large volumes of laboratory results”, Tom Madill, Tonkin & Taylor


ESdat saves time:

All users saved time. Time saved was at least 20% of their time analyzing data with ESdat. Over 50% of respondents save more than 40%.

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(From the question: When compared to other methods, how much office time analyzing data do you save (on average) when using ESdat?)


Users sighted a broad section of features as important, including:

  • “Time savings, especially for long-running sites (historical data). Reduction of errors (no transcription)” Amy Smith, Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • “I like that I don't have to go through the data to find Guidelines exceedances” Ryan Baxter, EBA Engineering
  • “Laboratory reporting formats/QA/QC/TIME SAVING” Cameron Kay, Golder Associates Pty Ltd
  • “Generate chem data and borelogs within minutes. Provides a data base of all lab reports for each job” James Coley, FMG Engineering
  • “Accuracy of data” Tho Tran, OTEK


We have published a summary of the full results here: