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ESdat Development Roadmap 2023

This development roadmap provides a high-level overview of the ESdat and related product development direction for the next 12 months.

ESdat Server and ESdat Online.

Version 4.4 was released in 2022.  For information on these releases see

Version 4.5 is scheduled for release in April 2023 and will include:

  • Geochem Graphs (incl Piper)
  • GWSDat Export (which provides Mann Kendall Trend Analysis)
  • Ability to reduce the data frequency when importing Logger Data
  • Export EDIF’s for just a Monitoring Zone
  • Ability to manage users permissions by user groups
  • Graphs can export to individual PNG files if needed
  • Bulk Co-Scheduling of planned Monitoring Rounds in LSPECS
  • Notification Settings can be specified per individual user.

Version 5 is scheduled for release in August 2023 and will include:

  • Rebuilt UI to simplify Navigation as new functionality has been added
  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Ability to save filters and open a specific data view with filter from the Dashboard

Version 5.1 is scheduled for release in November 2023 and will include:

  • AGS Data Import.
  • AGS Data Export.
  • Ability to specify background concentrations for a Site.
  • Other priority areas identified by users.

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