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ESdat Development Roadmap

(Updated June 2024)

This development roadmap provides a high-level overview of the ESdat and related product development direction for the next 12 months.

Version 5 is scheduled for release in July 2024 and will include:

  • Rebuilt User Interface to incorporate the latest interface technologies
  • Simplified Navigation
  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Saved Data View’s (with filter) that can be accessed from the Dashboard

Version 5.1 is scheduled for release in September 2024 and will include:

  • AGS Data Import.
  • AGS Data Export.
  • Ability to specify background concentrations for a Site.
  • Additional Environmental Standards configurations
  • Other priority areas identified by users.

Version 5.2 is scheduled for release in November 2024 and will include:

  • Option to pay ESdat Online subscriptions by credit card.
  • Priority areas identified by users.

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