ESdat Development Roadmap

This development roadmap provides a high-level overview of the ESdat and related product development direction for the next 12 months.

ESdat Server and ESdat Online.

Version 4 and 4.1 of ESdat Online and ESdat Server have been released this year. For information on these releases see .

Version 4.2 is scheduled for release in late 2021 and will include:

  • Data Import Templates for Historical Data Imports from Excel*
  • Enhancements to the Field App for ad-hoc sampling when used offline
  • Other minor enhancements from user feedback

Version 4.3 is sceduled for release in early 2022 and will include additional functionality migrated from ESdat Desktop that is still required for some users or sectors

  • Additional exports for 3rd party packages migrated from ESdat Desktop
  • AGS Data Import
  • Addition of geology data to the AGS Data Export
  • Power BI and/or ArcGIS Online Connector (to be confirmed)
  • Other priority areas identified by users.

ESdat Desktop

The current version of ESdat Desktop (Version 5) will continue to be supported indefinitely on Windows 10 and will continue to receive updates. Support beyond Windows 10 is yet to be determined.

Users with Access databases will need to continue to use the current Version 5 of ESdat Desktop, and should plan to migrate to either ESdat Server or ESdat Online prior to the end of life for Windows 10.

LSPECS / ESlog / Public Portal / ESdat API

Development will primarily be addressing user feedback and minor tweaks.