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Adding Lab Reports, Validation and Resolution

Your ESdat LabSync email address is to supply to Laboratories so they can automatically load Lab Reports, which will be automatically validated and imported (or the lab supplied with a correction report). 

Your LabSync email is given under Lab Uploads on the top of the home screen.  

Simply ask your laboratory to send your results in ESdat format, along with your PDF Certificate of Analysis and Chain of Custody to your ESdat LabSync email address.

A list of laboratories that can provide ESdat format is provided here, and specifications for new laboratories to use are here.

In ESdat, laboratory data is organised by Project.  Generally Project ID’s are provided to Laboratories on Chain of Custody documents.  If the Project ID accompanying the Lab Report matches a Project ID in ESdat the Lab Report will automatically import into that Project, otherwise an error will be flagged that the user can resolve by specifing a project in ESdat that the Lab Report should be reported into (see below).

Lab Report Validation Errors

As part of the import process, ESdat validates that the files supplied by the laboratory conform with the ESdat format.

Laboratory Reports that could not load into ESdat due to a problem will be listed in Lab Uploads.


Where errors are detected ESdat generates a detailed error report, describing the problem.  This error report is sent automatically to the Laboratory as well as your ESdat Admin Users and Project Managers.

The most common reasons a Laboratory Report cannot load is:

Invalid Project ID

The “Invalid Project ID” error means that the laboratory was provided with a Project ID for this Lab Report that doesn’t exist in ESdat.  Users can resolve this issue themselves and have the option to:

  • Create a new Project and import the Lab Report into it.
  • Import the Lab Report to a Project that is already created in ESdat

Lab Report Already in System

This error occurs if the Lab Report is a reissue, but the lab has not updated the Date Reported, or the lab report has already been reviewed and Approved in ESdat.  

Users have the option to reject the existing import of this lab report and import this newer file or to ignore this re-issued file as a duplicate of the data already imported.

File Content Error

This error means that there is a quality problem in the laboratory files.  The laboratory will automatically receive a detailed error report.  

Error Resolution

Invalid Project ID errors can be resolved by the user as described above, but assinging a valid Project ID and informing the Laboratory of the correct Project ID to use going forward.

FIle Content Errors will be resolved by the laboratory, who may seek assistance from ESdat support if required.  ESdat Support will also follow up any unresolved File Content Errors directly with the laboratory. 

If critical resolution is required a “Send Followup Email” button is available when looking at the error report in Lab Uploads.   Users can send this report to their contact at the laboratory and ask them to expedite a resolution.