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Automated Location Code Assignment

ESdat allows organisations to systematically manage naming of additional sampling Locations.   

Location Codes can be automatically generated using the Site Prefix (if applicable), Monitoring Zone Prefix (if applicable) and Location Type (eg. BH01, BH02 etc..)

This will help you with naming conventions and making sure all location IDs have the same formatting within a project.

If a Site Prefix is entered all new automatically generated Locations Codes at that site will be prefixed by this value.

If a Monitoring Zone is entered with a Prefix, that will also be used used for all new automatically generated Location Codes in that Monitoring Zone.

When creating a new Location the “Autogenerate Location Code” button can be used to generate the next Location number for Locations of the same Site / Monitoring Zone / Location Type.

If, or a rare occasion a Location is added that is a duplicate of an existing Location it can be Rejected, and any results associated with it consolidated to the existing Location.