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Combining multiple Environmental Standards into one – Meta Standards

ESdat give you the ability to combine multiple Environmental Standards into one.  This allows you to create a single standard that combines site specific, state/provincial, federal and international environmental standards.

Using a Meta Standard has advantages over just creating a new Environmental Standard by manually combining existing Environmental Standards.  In particular it doesn’t create a sepeate copy of the Action Levels, which needs to be maintained or verified, it simply references existing Environmental Standards using the options below.

Option 1: Use the first Action Level encountered

The first Action Level encountered in the ordered list of standards will be adopted.  

If there is no Action Level in the first Env Standard in the list, it will be adopted from the next, and so on until an Action Level is available.

With this option, the Action Level adopted may not be the most conservative (lowest) Action Level from the list of selected Env Standards.

Option 2: Use the most conservative Action Level (considering conditions)

The most conservative (lowest) Action Level from the list of selected Env Standards will be adopted, regardless of the order of Env Standards.

Standards conditions (such as depth, conditional chem codes and conditional matrices), are taken into consideration when selecting this option.

For example, if one Env Standard in the list has no conditions, and has a more conservative Action Level than an Env Standard with a depth condition, the Action Level with no conditions will be adopted.

However, if an Env Standard with a depth condition has an Action Level more conservative than an Env Standard without a depth condition, both Action Levels will be considered, with the depth condition being honoured.

Option 3: Use all Action Levels

Consolidates all Action Levels into a single Standard.  

All Action Levels will be considered, however they will be presented on a single Env Standard row.  

This option allows you to select multiple Env Standards, but minimise the space taken up to present them on the Chem Table.

First Action Level


Most Conservative Action Levels


All Action Levels