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Optional Upgrades

Customising Analyte Naming, Order, Units and Grouping

ESdat allows users to configure “Chem Profiles”, which allow the user to customise the Naming, Units, Order and Grouping of Analytes.

Users can modify Chem Profiles in many of the Data Views, such as the Chemistry Tables, or in the Settings menu.

Modifying Chem Profiles in Data Views

Many Data Views have a “Chem Profile” menu, as shown below.  An Admin or “Owner” of a Chemistry Profile will be able to edit the Analyte settings in the Chem Profile.  All users can copy a Chem Profile to a new one which they can then edit.


Clicking on the pencil/edit button for an analyte opens the editing form, below.


 The Abbrev value is used to report the Analyte on maps, where long Analyte Names are not practical.

Modifying Chem Profiles in Settings

The Chem Profile can also be modifed under Settings.  Only a Chem Profile Owner or an Admin user can modify a Chem Profile.