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Getting started with ESdat

The steps listed below will help organisations and users that are new to ESdat get up and running efficiently.

Learning Videos

We recommend all new users watch the ESdat Learning Videos available in the Support Portal.  These will guide you through the initial concepts in using ESdat.

Setup Projects and Sites and 

All data in ESdat is related to Projects and Sites, and prior to adding a laboratory report you need to create a Project that the Lab Report will be imported into. 

Adding Lab Reports

Prior to adding a lab report you need to create a Project and Site.  After doing that, you can add a lab report:

Create Users

To create new users go to Licencee Management and select Users.  More details can be found here.

Environmental Standards

ESdat has many regulatory guidelines already available for use in your outputs.  

If you don’t see the Environmental Standards you need after viewing your Laboratory data on a Chemistry Table see  requesting additional standards or adding your own.

Refine Outputs

Prior to using ESdat for large volumes of data it can be efficient to:

  • Enter Company (including Logo) under Licencee Management
  • Understand how to configure your Chemistry Table Layouts
  • Create / import your Locations before receiving Laboratory Results

See also the “Chemistry Exceedances Table” video in the Learning Videos

Field Data Collection

To get started with Field Data Collection read about LSPECS

Further Assistance

When your organisation first starts using ESdat you can also request a complementary session with a trainer to answer your questions and provide additional guidance.

An actively monitored User Forum is available for users to ask questions and clarify functionality.