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Exports of data in GWSDAT format are available under the Export menu:

Chemistry Results and Groundwater Levels are exported to GWSDAT as separate exports, so the relevant item should be selected.   

GWSDAT provides trending and spatial functionality, so to use data in GWSDAT it will be necessary for you to ensure that all your samples in ESdat are associated with the correct Location and that the Sampled Date is populated.

If exporting Chemistry Results 

  • The Chemistry Results option will only export Water chemistry (ie not soil or gas)
  • You will need to indicate the Site whose data you wish to export, as well as the Chemistry Profile – which determines the Output Units used for each analyte.
  • it is recommended that you filter for the Chem Name(s) of interest prior to generating the export.  This will:
    • result in a smaller dataset that is faster to load into GWSDat 
    • avoid unit issues related to non-target analytes (see below).   
  • GWSDat requires Chemistry Results (except for pH) be provided in  one of the following units: mg/L, ng/L, ug/L.  If any analytes you are exporting aren’t being reported in these units in the selected Chem Profile you will receive an error message and will need to either:
    • Review and correct the output units in the the selected Chemistry Profile for the analytes being exported, or
    • Refine your filter to only include specific analytes, which comform with those units.

ESdat will export a standard GWSDAT Excel data file which can be loaded into GWSDAT. Further information on using data in GWSDAT is available at