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Location Permissions and Photos

Viewing Locations

Users can view Locations that:

  • Are at Sites where the user has specific Site Access permission.
  • Are at Sites associated with Projects the user has View Permissions for.

Additionally, if a user has been assigned field work in a Monitoring Round they can still view Locations at the Sites related to that Monitoring Round even if they don’t have permissions at the Project or Site Level.

Adding Locations

Users can add Locations for a Site where they have:

  • Add permissions for a Project associated with the Site
  • been assigned field work for a Monitoring Round at that Site

If the Site is Restricted the user needs specific “Site Access” to add new Locations.

Editing Locations

A user can edit Locations if they:  

  • have created the location
  • have edit permission on the project associated with the Location
  • Are a Site Manager for the Site.

If the Location is Accepted by a Project / Site Manager it can’t be edited unless that status is reversed.

Managing Location Photos

Users can add / delete photos at a Location where they:

  • have created the location (and the Location is not Accepted)
  • Are a Site Manager for the Site.

Other users can add photos to a “Location Visit” in the Field Portal, and a Site Manager can then flag these photos  to be associated with the Location for all users.