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Logger Event Settings and Data QA

The Logger Events and Data section is used to review, flag and modify the Logger information and the data imported from a Data Importer.  It is accessed from the Telemetry icon on the top right of the screen near your username.


Each Logger Event represents a single Data Logger placement, hence if a Data Logger is replaced or moved, the Data Source information for the import would need to be modified so the data is represented in ESdat as a separate Logger Event.

Logger Events will be listed, reflecting your Project or Site permissions.  

Clicking on a Logger Event shows the following four tabs.

  • Details
  • Logger Data
  • Alerts
  • Imports


At a minimum the Project, Site and Location need to be specified, these will normally already be populated from the Data Source.  

Some other details (such as depth details) may only be relevant for specific kinds of data loggers (such as groundwater loggers), and can only be configured here.

The Parameters being Measured are listed, along with associated details, described below.

Column NameThe Name of the Data Column as given in the data file and the Data Importer
Parameter NameThe Name of the Parameter as used in ESdat
OffsetA uniform offset that can be applied to the data
Measurement UnitsAs configured in the Data Importer
MultiplierA constant that the logger data can be multiplied by
Post Multiplier UnitsThe units after the Multiplier is applied
TypeWind speed and direction parameters can be identified for use on the Windrose Chart

Logger Data

The Logger Data screen is used to view the actual logger data as a table and graph.  Clicking on a data point on a graph will navigate the user to the actual data record on the table.  There the user can specify a QA Flag or an offset to a specifc record.  The QA Flag will display on charts in Data Views; a value of “R” will reject the data record, and it won’t be displayed on the graphs in Data View.



Alerts for Logger Data can be specified if a Parameter is Greater than or Less than a particular value.   

An alert can also be sent if data is not received within a specified time period.



Imports shows a list of the data files that have been received related to this logger event.  Files can be downloaded if needed.