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Notifications are managed by ESdat Admins and accessible via the Notifications section of the Settings menu.

The available notifications will vary depending on the ESdat modules you use (eg LSPECS).

A summary of the notification settings and their recipients is provided below.

Standard Notifications

Lab Report 
Lab Report Received 
Lab Report Accepted 
Lab Report Not Accepted 
Lab Report Not Received 
Lab Report Has ExceedancesThe results in a laboratory report exceed environmental standards associated with the Site, or Locations
Lab Report No Corresponding DataThe Lab Report has successfully imported, but is not related to an existing LSPECS Monitoring Round
ChemCodes Created By Lab ReportChemCodes were automatically created when importing a Laboratory Report by “Lab Initiated Upload”
Location Created – Provisional 
Location ValidationLocation has been Accepted/Rejected/Acceptance Revoked
Location Code ChangedA Location Code has been updated
Unit Conversions 
Unit Conversions Added/Modified 
Unit Conversions Request 
ChemCodes Created SummaryA daily summary of any ChemCodes created, may overlap with “ChemCodes created by Lab Report”
ChemCodes Consolidated 
Sites and Projects and Admin 
Project Deleted 
Licence Expiration 

LSPECS (Field Program Management) Notifications

Schedule CreationNew Schedule is added into the System, or a change made
Schedule DueMonitoring Round is due to be created for this Schedule (X days before Due)
Schedule OverdueMonitoring Round Creation day plus allowed tolerance has passed without its creation.
Schedule UpdatedChanges are made to a Schedule
Monitoring Round 
Monitoring Round Creation and AssignmentMonitoring Round is added into the System or Assigned To values have been changed
Monitoring Round No Field DataMonitoring Round planned date plus tolerance parameter has passed without a Lab Submission being uploaded
Monitoring Round UpdatedChanges are made to a Monitoring Round Plan
Monitoring Round Fieldwork CompletedThe Status of the Monitoring Round is marked as Complete
Monitoring Round Base Creation and AssignmentThe Base Monitoring Round Plan for a Schedule is created or Assigned to users
Monitoring Round Base UpdatedThe Base Monitoring Round Plan for a Schedule is updated.
Monitoring Round Not ApprovedA Monitoring Round is not approved (within X days). The MR must not be cancelled and Field work must be complete
Monitoring Round Cancelled 
Groundwater Data Historical Highs/LowsA Groundwater Depth value is outside expected values (for a well) or historical highs/lows
Field Result ExceedancesField Results exceed Environmental Standards
Sample Receipt Notification 
Sample Receipt Notification Received 
Sample Receipt Notification Not AcceptedSRN not Accepted within a defined period.  
Sample Receipt Notification Not ReceivedSRN not Received within a defined period.  
Lab Submission 
Lab Submission Creation 
Lab Submission Sent to Labs 
Lab Submission UpdatedA change has been made to a lab submission

Notification Recipients

Each notification may be sent to one or more groups of users. Here these are shown cross referenced against the notifications as follows:

A. Project Managers – defined on a Project

B. Site Manager – defined on a site

C. LSPECS Program Managers (1&2) – defined on a Schedule

D. Monitoring Round Assigned By – defined on an LSPECS Monitoring Round

E. Monitoring Round Assigned To – defined on an LSPECS Monitoring Round

F. Planned Location Visits Assigned – user an LSPECS Monitoring Round is assigned to

G. Sample Delivery Group Report Contacts (1&2) – defined on a lab submission

H. Lab Contacts – contacts on primary and secondary labs on a Monitoring Round and the lab contact defined in a lab submission.

I.  Added By – the creator of a record (Location or Monitoring Round).

J. ESdat Administrators – users that are members of the administrator role.

Standard Notification RecipientsABCDEFGHIJ
Lab Report          
Lab Report ReceivedXXXXXXXX  
Lab Report AcceptedXXXXXXX   
Lab Report RejectedXXXXXXXX  
Lab Report Not AcceptedXXXXXXXX  
Lab Report Not ReceivedXXXXXXXX  
Lab Report Has ExceedancesXXXXXXX   
Lab Report No Corresponding DataX         
ChemCodes Created By Lab Report         X
Location Created ProvisionalXX        
Location Validation (Accepted/Rejected)        X 
Location Code Changed X      X 
Unit Conversions          
Unit Conversions Added/Modified         X
Unit Conversions Request         X
ChemCodes Created Summary         X
ChemCodes Consolidated         X
Sites and Projects and Admin          
Project DeletedX         
Licence Expiration         X
LSPECS Notification RecipientsABCDEFGHIJ
Schedule Creation XX       
Schedule Due XX       
Schedule Overdue XX       
Schedule Updated XX       
Monitoring Round          
Monitoring Round Creation and AssignmentXXXXXX  X 
Monitoring Round No Field DataXXXXXX  X 
Monitoring Round UpdatedXXXXXX  X 
Monitoring Round Fieldwork CompletedXXXXXX  X 
Monitoring Round Base Creation and AssignmentXXXXXX  X 
Monitoring Round Base UpdatedXXXXXX  X 
Monitoring Round Not ApprovedXXXXXX  X 
Monitoring Round CancelledXXXXXX  X 
Groundwater Data Historical Highs/LowsXX      X 
Field Result ExceedancesXXXXXX  X 
Sample Receipt Notification          
Sample Receipt Notification ReceivedXXXXXXXX  
Sample Receipt Notification Not AcceptedXXXXXXX   
Sample Receipt Notification Not ReceivedXXXXXXXX  
Lab Submission          
Lab Submission CreationXXXXXXX   
Lab Submission Sent to LabsXXXXXXXX  
Lab Submission UpdatedXXXXXXX