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Project and Site User Permissions

Project Permissions

A users ability to View / Add / Edit / Delete data is aligned with their permissions on the project as shown below.  Permissions can be assigned to a specific user or to Groups of users.

ViewCan view Project and associated data, including Locations
AddCan add new Project data, and edit and delete data loaded by current user
EditCan edit Project data added by any user
DeleteCan delete Project data added by any user
Project ManagerReceive Project notifications, approve/reject lab reports, approve monitoring rounds, approve locations.

Exceptions to the above are 

  • If a user has added a record, they are able to edit or delete it, even if they don’t have edit / delete permissions.
  • Approved Monitoring Rounds, Laboratory Reports or Locations can’t be edited or deleted or have data added. 
  • If the Project is no longer active data cannot be added, edited or deleted.
  • If a user has been assigned to complete field data entry for a Monitoring Round they will be able to add data to the Monitoring Round and create related Locations even if they don’t have add permissions for the Project.

Site Access

Users permissions at the Site level are only appropriate for users who are responsible for or need access to all data related to a Site, irrespective of the Project.  

Providing a user with Access to a Site means they can view all data related to the site irrespective of the Project, unless a Project is marked as “Restricted” in which case the user needs specific view access for that Project.

Where a Site is Restricted only a Site Manager or Admin user can assign permissions.


To define the permissions for a user on the site, check the boxes applicable to:

•Allow Access – allows the user to view data for the Site for all Projects that are not marked as “Restricted”, even if they don’t have view permissions to all Projects.

•Is Site Manager – the user is a site manager. Site managers receive notifications and approve Locations for the site.

•Internal Notifications – the user receives notifications classified for internal distribution relevant to this site.

•Regulatory Notifications – the user receives notifications classified for regulatory distribution relevant to this site. Note, the audience is not external regulatory bodies but for users who have subscribed to internal regulatory notices.

If a Site is set as Restricted only Site Managers can grant permission for users, otherwise it is visible to all users who can grant themselves access.

Site / Project Permissions Interaction

Users can view data if they have one of:  

  • View permissions on a project or
  • Access” to a Site and the project isn’t restricted.