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Troubleshooting PLog Data Sync Issues

If your data is not syncing from PLog to ESdat check these steps below.

·1. Confirm the data is in PLog Cloud.  

  • log into PLog Cloud 
  • navigate to Projects. 
  • Find the Project and click the csv export. 
  • Review the data to ensure it is present.

2. If the data is not in PLog Cloud

If the data is not present in PLog Cloud it is not successfully synching off the tablet. 

  1. On pLog tablet set Preferences – General – Upload Data to ALL, and re-synch.

If that doesn’t resolve it you will need to send a copy of the data on your Tablet to Dataforensics. To do that:

  • Select Preferences – Backup Options – Send Dataset Support Request
  • Describe the issue in detail including any Project, Location or other information that illustrates the issue.

3. If the data is in PLog Cloud

3a Confirm there are no synch problem between PLog Cloud and ESdat. 

The Service Status can be checked in ESdat under Settings – PLog – Config.

If there is a sync error contact ESdat Support to resolve it.

3b  Confirm the Project ID in PLog exactly matches the Project ID in ESdat.  

The Project ID’s must match exactly.  If the Project IDs don’t match edit either the ESdat or the PLog Project ID so that they do and click resync on the PLog Config page in ESdat.

3c If the Projects match exactly confirm the Project is listed in the PLog section of ESdat (Settings – Plog – Projects)

If the data is still not coming through contact ESdat Support, providing:

  • screenshots of the Project ID in ESdat and in PLog 
  • a copy of the data from PLog Cloud that is not loading into ESdat.  Save this data in an Excel file and highlight the data that is not coming through to ESdat.

3d. If this user has never previously sucessfully synced data to ESdat check the “Offices” in PLog.  Multiple offices can be configured in your Account and each User has a Home Office.  The login that ESdat is using to retrieve PLog data can only retrive data from offices that are ticked under the “Offices” section for that user in PLog.  Ensure all the relevant Offices are ticked.