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Creating and managing users is done under under Licencee Management.


Editing or Adding a user will bring up the following form to view and manage user details.


User Authentication Options

The following User Authentication Options are avalable (may not be available on all systems)

User Name / Password: New users will receive a welcome email with details on how to access ESdat and setup their password. 

For security reasons new users will need to set up their password within 24 hours of the invitation being sent.  If the user wasn’t able to set their password in that timeframe the “Reset Password” button can be used to send them another email to set their password.

Azure Active Directory:  New users will receive a welcome email with details on how to access ESdat, and will be able to simply login using their Microsoft Azure Active Directory Single Sign On.

User Roles

User Roles control what the user can access within ESdat.  The following table summarises the basic functions that each user role can do in the system.


Admin: It is recommended that only a small number of staff have the Admin Role. 

Scheduler:   Any staff that are trusted to manage their own Project or Site permissions be assigned the Schedule role.

Standard:  The Standard Role should be assigned to staff who’s permissions will be assigned by an Admin or a Scheduler (for projects where a Scheduler is nomiated Project Manager permissions the Scheduler can assign permissions to other Users or User Groups)

User Groups

Users or User Groups can be assigned View, Add, Edit, Delete or Project Manager permissions for a Project in ESdat.  This enables data to be kept secure so it is accessed only by staff who have a need to access it.

Using User Groups means permissions for a large number of users can be centrally managed.  User Groups are assigned under the Licencee Menu.


ESdat is Licenced by Named Users. A Named User is a single person, and includes all users of the software that require a login, whether in an Administrative or Standard capacity.

Details of the used Licences are available by clicking the Number Of Users link.

Licences can be moved to other users by contacting Support to update your Named Users.  


Project and Site Permissions

Permissions to Projects and Sites is completed in the Projects and Sites section of the application and can be applied to individual Users or to User Groups.  See Projects and Site User Permissions.