Checklist: Types of environmental data stored in ESdat

ESdat* can manage many types of environmental data including:
*ESdat Desktop and Server. (See ESdat Online page for relevant ESdat Online functionality).



Laboratory Chemistry

Auto import of laboratory data Groundwater Database
Store certified PDF copies of lab report Groundwater Database
Import all laboratory QA data (holding times etc..) Groundwater Database
Import all field QA data (duplicates,blanks etc..) Groundwater Database
Validate and report on all laboratory and field QA Groundwater Database
Sample Planning module integrated with field tablets Groundwater Database
Electronic Chain of Custody to send requests to laboratories Groundwater Database
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Field Data

Water, Gas, Soil and other parameters Groundwater Database
Tablet data collection available Groundwater Database
Direct entry into Excel Import forms available Groundwater Database
Can accommodate any kind of measurement (ie gas pressure) Groundwater Database
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Environmental Standards

Has a Pre-compiled Library of regulatory guidelines Groundwater Database
Guidelines can be customised for Site or Location Specific values Groundwater Database
Can accomodate pH/Hardness/depth & matrix specific guidelines Groundwater Database
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Geological and borehole

Borehole and well construction details and logs Environmental Data
Lithological, Geotechnical and Stratigraphic data Geological Database


Groundwater Data (levels, aquifers, aquifer tests) Groundwater Database
Pumping Water Management Software
Auto groundwater depth to elevation correction Water Management Software
LNAPL depth to elevation density corrections LNAPL
Support varying TOC due to subsidence or excavation Water Management Software


Rain, Wind, Temperature Meteorological data


Dust Deposition Sampling Parameters and Corrections Dust Deposition Sampling
HiVol Sampling Parameters and Corrections
Air Quality

Logger Data

Automated upload of logger files
Link to existing logger SCADA systems
Store equipment calibration certificates
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Surface Water Flows

Stream flow measurements
Create custom gauge calculations


Client specific customizations available
Or, customizing the database in-house

Historical data

Can be easily imported from Excel in bulk, without engaging the vendor
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ESdat can also be customized to accommodate any specialist data not accommodated in the standard system.  For example, it has been customized to manage lease and landholder contact tracking amongst others.

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