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ESdat Analyses and Reports

With ESdat, you can more efficiently analyze, report and share data while ensuring the highest level of quality control.

ESdat Features

Easy Implementation

An intuitive user interface and online learning resources allow easy adoption without needing a specialized team to manage the software.

Focus on What Matters

Streamline the data management process so you can focus on analyzing and reporting your data.

Reduce Costs

Reduce the time and resources spent on managing your data by having all your results organized in one place, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Analyses and Reports

Laboratory Results

ESdat supports data exchange with a global network of environmental laboratories. Laboratories upload their lab reports to ESdat where they are validated, loaded and ready for reporting.

ESdat Labs
ESdat exceedance tables

Exceedance Tables

Chemistry summary tables show analytical results compared against environmental standards. Data can be filtered by Laboratory Report, Location, Date Range, and more.


ESdat allows rapid map-based querying as well as the generation of exceedance tables.

ESdat Mapping
ESdat trend analysis graph

Graphs, Correlations and Trends

Effortlessly create and export time series charts. Charts can be stacked for easy trend comparison.

Regulatory Environmental Guidelines Pre-Loaded

ESdat comes with a pre-compiled library of regulatory guidelines. Automatically compare your data as it arrives and receive real-time alerts for guideline exceedances.

Data Validation and QA

Get consistent data from source to destination with built-in data validation tools. Eliminate common data management challenges and time-consuming manual data entry.

Groundwater log

Bore Logging and Geology

ESdat provides a full solution for managing borehole, geology, and groundwater data.


Be notified of any exceedances as soon as results are received.

Overdue lab reports, upcoming or missed monitoring events, and more.


Mins, maxs, standard deviations, 95th percentiles, and other common statistics.

Export to ProUCL for further statistical analysis. 

Power BI, ArcGIS, Excel

Extend your data visualization and integration with ESdat data feeds to

  • Power BI
  • Excel Power Query
  • ArcGIS GeoJSON

Public Portal

Share selected data with the public on a customizable web portal. Read More

Logger Data

Connect field instruments to capture ongoing data, such as weather, dust, water level, and water quality.  Read More

Data Sharing

Multiple stakeholders may require access to a single shared dataset.  

Give others permission to view, add, or edit data for specific projects or sites.

FieldApp on phone

Sample Planning and Field App

The ESdat Field App runs offline on any PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. You can optionally pre-plan your field program and sampling using LSPECS.

The Field Form supports industry-specific data collection, such as groundwater stabilization records, and can also be configured to capture any additional data.

View all your monitoring locations, calculate their distance from you, and view sampling point photographs of previous results.

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ESdat can report data live as Public Portals, API's, custom reports and other options.
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