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Field Programs

ESdat provides a comprehensive platform for managing all stages of large or recurring field programs. With robust management and approval tools built-in, you can easily plan, execute and report entire field programs electronically.

Planning and Scheduling

Improve the efficiency of your field teams with ESdat. Create Monitoring Plans, schedule and assign the work, and remotely supervise, review and report the data all within ESdat.

Plan, schedule, and assign large or recurring sampling events:

  • Define sampling locations.
  • Specify laboratory samples, analyses, and containers.
  • Define field parameters and other information to collect.
  • Set up recorring schedules.
  • Assign the work to field staff.
  • Track overdue or upcoming sampling events.

Field Data Capture

The ESdat Field App is optimized for groundwater, surface water, soil and landfill gas monitoring to optimize your sampling and reporting workflow.

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Field Programs Phone
  • Complete a sampling plan or collect ad-hoc data.
  • Optimized for environmental data:
    • Observations / Notes,
    • Water Levels,
    • Field Parameters & Stabilization,
    • eCOC
    • Photographs,
    • Custom Attributes.
  • Validates expected values.
  • Works offline.
  • Automatically syncs data with ESdat when back online.

Supervision and Reporting

Field results are automatically synchronized with ESdat.

  • Get live oversight of field data collection.
  • Review field data as soon as it has been uploaded.
  • Update lab analyses on the eCOC.

Review results to ensure compliance with the sample plan. 

  • Review and approve field data.
  • View field data reports.
  • Monitor pending laboratory requests.




Laboratory Cost Tracking.

When electronic laboratory requests are sent from ESdat you can see the costs for each laboratory request you have sent.

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