Laboratory Integration

ESdat supports data exchange with a global network of environmental laboratories. Once set up, your lab reports are automatically uploaded from laboratories and synched with ESdat.

Say goodbye to manually importing lab results and eliminate common data management challenges.

ESdat Labs

Unique Solution

ESdat is the only global platform that offers centralized onboarding, accreditation and quality monitoring of environmental laboratory data exchange.

  • Get immediate notifications whenever new lab reports become available.
  • Be notified of exceedances or historical outliers as your data comes in.
  • ESdat is always updated with the latest results as they’re issued by your lab.
  • Results are automatically loaded into the corresponding projects.
  • Automatically assign sample information such as sample depths and monitoring locations when using common industry sample IDs.
  • View your data in ESdat as tables, graphs, or maps with a single click.
  • LabSync automatically validates your data against quality checks.
  • Any errors detected will be reported back to you and the lab immediately.
  • We will take care of liaison with the lab(s) and resolve any issues on your behalf. (Opt-out available.)
  • Eliminate manual data entry.
  • Lab data quality is centrally maintained by ESdat Support.
  • Audit trail – see which user(s) have been working on your data.
  • Report field and lab QA against configurable data quality objectives.
  • Review and approve lab reports within the system.
Laboratory Integration

The Laboratories Listed Below Integrate with ESdat

Our team will work with your lab to set up their integration with ESdat and resolve any data issues on your behalf at no additional charge.


  • Accutest
  • AirToxics
  • ALS
  • Alpha Analytical Labs
  • Apex
  • Columbia Analytical Services
  • ESN
  • Eurofins Test America
  • Pace Labs
  • Phoenix Environmental Laboratories
  • SGS
  • York Analytical Laboratories


  • ALS
  • ChemTest
  • Concept Life Sciences
  • ChemTech Environmental
  • i2 Analytical
  • Jones Forensics
  • Severn Trent Services

New Zealand

  • Hill Laboratories
  • Analytica Laboratories Ltd
  • Eurofins
  • AsureQuality


  • AGAT
  • ALS
  • BV Labs
  • Caduceon
  • CARO
  • Element
  • KaizenLAB
  • Paracel
  • RPC
  • SGS


  • EnviroLab
  • ALS
  • AAA
  • SGS
  • Eurofins
  • ARL
  • TAS
  • NMI
  • ChemCentre, WA
  • Forensic and Analytical Science Service, NSW

SE Asia

  • ALS Singapore
  • ALS Malaysia
  • TestAmerica / NCALABS Thailand

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