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Release notes

4.6 Update Notes

Map Filtering When filtering you can now select Locations individually, by rectangle, by circle or by a freehand drawn shape. Chem Table Excel Export Refinement

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4.5 Update Notes

Geochem Graphs Geochem graphing is now supported, including Piper, Durov and Schoeller graphs. GWSDAT Export An export to GWSDAT is now available. GWSDAT provides contouring

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ESdat Development Roadmap

(Updated June 2024) This development roadmap provides a high-level overview of the ESdat and related product development direction for the next 12 months. Version 5

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4.4 Update Notes

Data Migration Module Now Includes Data Views A new “Data Explorer” view is available for ESdat Server and advanced ESdat Online users.  Data views can

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4.3 Update Notes

Version 4.3 includes improvements to the new modules introduced in version 4.2 Functional Enhancements Data Migration Manager Further Upgrades and Improvements, including the import of

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4.2 Update Notes

Version 4.2 of ESdat includes a new Data Migration Manager and a Mobile App for offline field data collection. Functional Enhancements Data Migration Manager The

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