Version 4.4 of ESdat Online and ESdat Server adds some significant new functionality to that available in Version 4.3.

Functional Enhancements

Power BI

Power BI connection available for live data connections.

Excel and Other Applications

The “OData” protocol for Power BI also allows live data connections from ESdat Online or cloud hosted ESdat Server to Excel or other Applications that support OData. In Excel this means you can create graphs, and have them auto-update as data is loaded into ESdat.

ArcGIS and other GIS

A GeoJSON export is now available from ESdat, which can be periodically refreshed in ArcGIS Professional to keep your maps up to date. This data is in a consistent structure to the Power BI and OData data feed for consistency across all your external integrations.

Single Sign On

ESdat now supports Azure Active Directory Single Sign On for Hosted ESdat Servers and ESdat Online.

Internal Mapping

Vector layers can now be loaded to overlay the satellite imagery

WFS and WMS Layers are now supported in ESdat Online (previously only ESdat Server)

Document Storage

Ability to store documents, or links to documents related to a Site and/or Project.

Field Data Collection

Field App Enhancements

      • Collection of Laboratory Sample and eCOC information

      • QR and Barcode scanning of sample containers and coolboxes for tracking purposes.

      • Send a Lab Request from your Mobile

    Field Management (LSPECS) enhancements

        • User Interface refinements.

        • Store Links to documents in Monitoring Rounds.

        • See the estimated cost of Analyses before sending to the Laboratory.

      Chemistry Tables

      Option to output one or more Detection Limits at the top of the Chemistry Table.

      Date Formats

      Specify the date format to be used across all your reports.

      Data Migration Module

      Now Includes

          • A specific Field Data Importer optimised for uploading Field Data from Excel

          • A specific Borehole Data Importer optimised for uploading Borehole Data from Excel

          • Ability to create and save custom Import Templates for reuse.

          • Specify Total or Filtered concentrations in the crosstab Chemistry import template.

        Data Views

        A new “Data Explorer” view is available for ESdat Server and advanced ESdat Online users.  Data views can now be viewed and filtered with SQL style filtering.

        LSPECS Laboratory Requests

        Now view the cost of a Laboratory Request before submitting it. An electronic quote provided by the laboratory and loaded into ESdat is referenced and the cost calculated based on the count of the samples and selected analyses.


        Additional Data Fields are now included including extra Site  and Sampling Location information.