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ESdat 5.0 Rollout

ESdat 5.0 brings a modern refresh to ESdat, utilising the latest in modern UX design.

ESdat Version 5 is scheduled for release in late July 2024 and will include:

  • Modern navigation
  • Fresh, clean look and feel
  • Faster loading
  • New Dashboard feature
  • Smooth, rapid-loading dashboard widgets regardless of data size
  • Saved Data View’s (with filter) that can be accessed from the Dashboard

Target Release Dates are:

  • ESdat Online Australia / NZ: Last Week July
  • ESdat Online Canada / USA / UK: 5th August
  • Cloud Hosted ESdat Server: 12 August to 30 Sept
  • Onsite ESdat Server: 30 Sept onwards

Subsequent Releases

ESdat 5.1 and 5.2 are scheduled to be released later in 2024. While the focus of 5.0 has been to modernise the UI compared to ESdat 4.6 and to add a new dashboard, the focus of 5.1 and 5.2 will be to add new functionality and enhancements as requested by users.

  • New Graphing Components and options
  • Additional GIS exports
  • Enhanced Geotech Reports
  • Additional Environmental Standard and Background concentration functionality.
  • Expanded AGS Export / Import
  • Enhanced Barcode Tracking of Lab Containers (to eliminate the need to write on labels).
  • Option to renew ESdat Online in-app by credit card.

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