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The ESdat Public Portal is an easy way to share your data with others, such as interested Community Groups and Regulators.. Selected data in ESdat simply needs to be approved and it will be published in the Public Portal.

ESdat Public Portal Mapping
ESdat Public Portal Mapping
Tronox Public Portal
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Example ESdat Public Portals

Tronox Mining

Powered by ESdat, this public portal presents monitoring data related to Dust Deposition, Groundwater, Surface Water, Emissions and Effluent Discharge. The portal is publicly available and regulators can access the relevant data to ensure reporting requirements are met. With this system in place, Tronox was able to free up significant resources previously dedicated to compiling results for regulatory reporting.

Tronox Public Portal
AquaData screen

Shoalhaven City Council

Recipient of the United Nations of Australia World Environment Day Awards’ Local Government Award for Excellence in Overall Environmental Management.

Powered by ESdat, Aqua Data is the Shoalhaven City Council’s public, user-friendly, GIS searchable water quality information portal. The public portal allows anyone to access the region’s latest water quality information and make informed water management decisions accordingly.


ESdat Public Portal Mapping

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