ESdat Online and Server Update (v4.3)

Network graphic

Version 4.3 of ESdat Online and ESdat Server adds some refinements to functionality in Version 4.2.

There is no change to system requirements from the previous version.

Functional Enhancements

Data Migration Manager

Further Upgrades and Improvements, including the import of Crosstab chemistry and the use of a Chemistry Lookup tool to help users uniquely identify Analytes with different naming conventions.

Lab Reports

Can now be changed to a different Project without requiring a reimport of the Lab Report.


Users can now add their own kml Vector layers to maps, in addition to Bing Maps, OpenStreetmap, WFS and WMS Layers

ESdat Online supports coordinates in UTM zones (previously only ESdat Server did)

Field App

New Locations and Monitoring Rounds can be created while offline

Synching is faster and now runs in the background as well as providing the user with a button to force a manual sync.

Import Custom Environmental Standards

ChemCodes for new site-specific Environmental Standards can now be assigned during the import process.

Next Areas of Development

The main areas of development for version 4.4, scheduled for later in 2022 are:

  • Single Sign On – using Microsoft Azure AD
  • Add the ability to collect Lab Samples and Containers offline in the Field App for synching back to LSPECS.