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4.2 Update Notes

Version 4.2 of ESdat includes a new Data Migration Manager and a Mobile App for offline field data collection.

Functional Enhancements

Data Migration Manager

The Data Migration Manager (DMM) is an upgrade for ESdat Online or ESdat Server and encapsulates the import and bulk editing functionality that was previously available only by using ESdat Desktop. All key functionality that previously required ESdat Desktop is not available through ESdat Online/ESdat Server with the DMM module. The DMM module is anticipated to be used only by Power Users and is not key to day to day data import workflows.

The Data Migration Module allows bulk import of Historical Chemistry, Locations, Wells, Borehole, Geology and all other data previously supported through the ESdat Desktop imports. It can also be used to transfer complete project datasets in EDIF or Excel formats.

Field App Released

The ESdat Field App is released, comprising the same functionality as the existing Field Portal, but works offline.

PLog Integration

Additional PLog forms are now synched to ESdat (Discontinuities, SPT Samples, Other Soil Samples, Think Wall Sample, Rock Sample, Penetration Resistance).

Next Areas of Development

The main areas of development for version 4.4, scheduled for later in 2022 are:

  • Field App Offline improvements
  • ChemCode lookups to help users uniquely identify analytes during historical data and environmental standard uploads.
  • Mapping Improvements

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