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Geology, Borehole & Groundwater Data

ESdat provides a full workflow solution for loading borehole, geology, and groundwater data from the desktop.

Integrate the PLog App or TabLogs App to enter bore logging data directly from the field and have it sync back to the office. 

Data Types Supported

  • Borehole and well construction details
  • Hydrogeological, geological, and Geotechnical data
  • Groundwater data (levels, aquifers, aquifer tests)
  • Pumping
  • Groundwater depth to elevation conversion
  • LNAPL depth to elevation density corrections
  • Time-variant top of casing due to subsidence or excavation

Field Borehole Logging

Borehole data can be entered directly into the Tablet-based PLog App  or TabLogs App which integrate with ESdat for data review and reporting.

  • Works in the Rain.
  • Faster Data Collection.
  • Comprehensive Borehole, Geology, and Groundwater Data.
  • Configurable to your own preferences.
  • Drop-downs for consistent descriptions or use the text overwriting.
  • Eliminates data re-entry in the office.
  • Eliminates transcription errors.

Import From Excel

Borehole data can be entered directly into ESdat in the office or uploaded from Excel import templates.


A free implementation of ESlog is available for anyone to use. The free version only supports manually retyping your borehole data from your field notes.

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