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Q: If I export data from ESdat to AGS, then re-import to ESdat will the data be identical?

A: No it wont.  You should use the EDIF format.  There will be some differences, notably, but not limited to:

Depth Fields (in geology or chemistry samples)

If the Depth From is blank it will be exported to AGS with a value of -1 as AGS requires a depth value.


In ESdat the geology data can be stored in specific fields (Moisture, Consistency etc..) however the AGS format doesn't allow for that.  In the export to  AGS all this data is consolidated to a single field (GEOL_GEOL).  When imported back into ESdat this data is imported from the GEOL_GEOL field to the Lithology_Description field.

Wells and Water Levels

AGS doesn't have capacity to store a Well Code (ie an identifier for each piezometer)


Chemistry Samples.

Only Samples with a Location will be exported

Only those with a Sample Type of ('Normal' Or 'Field_D' Or 'Interlab_D' Or 'Field_B' Or 'Trip_B' Or 'Rinsate' Or 'Composite (2 Samples)' Or 'Composite (3 Samples)' Or 'Composite (4 Samples)')   (Note this can be edited in the ESdat_TO_AGS.gedt file.)

Samples may be consolidated from two to one as AGS only allows one sample per location, depth, Ref (ie field ID), and matrix type.

During import only Samples that have Chemistry Results are imported to the Chemistry Samples table in ESdat, so Samples that didn't have Results in the original database will not be re-imported.


Chemistry Results.

QA Results wont be exported to AGS

AGS effectively allows only one results per sample (unless the matrix changes - such as for leachates)

If the Chemistry Sample that the Result is associated with gets consolidated with another Sample, so will the results.

To compare Chemistry Results after export and re-import it is recommended a Chemistry Output Table be produced for each, using Fields that are consistent across the export (such as Location, Depth From & Date/Time).  Any unit conversion errors in either database should also be resolved to ensure consistency.  Output Units may also need to be made consistent by updating the Chemistry Lookup table in the second database with values from the first database.


Q: Can I use the AGS Import to import from WinLog or gINT to ESdat?

A: Yes you can.  WinLog can export to AGS format.  gINT can, but it may depend on your particular template.