Contour Points from Excel in Surfer

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Contour Points from Excel in Surfer

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ESdat offers the ability to plot points and contour data from EXCEL in Surfer.  This is done with minimum of user effort, removing the need to manually create text files and open them in Surfer.  ESdat will attempt to locate an open version of Surfer, and if one is located will use this as the active document.  ESdat will overlay the points or contours on any map layer present.  If an open version of Surfer is not located ESdat will create a new Surfer Document and display the results.


When clicking the command to plot points or contour data in Surfer you are first prompted for the range of cells in EXCEL which contain the data you are interested in.  Select this range with the mouse or keyboard.  It is sometimes easier to select this range prior to clicking on the Surfer buttons.


Once the range is selected you are presented with a dialogue to specify the x and y columns within your selected data; the name of the text file to be used; and if contouring, the column to be contoured.  The default file name is only temporary and will ultimately be overwritten.  It is useful if you only want a quick look at the data and don’t want a permanent record.  This also prevents production of lots of unnecessary text files.