Output Views (General Concepts)

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Output Views (General Concepts)

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Output views are used to display data imported into each table (for example Water Levels), with other related information, for example screened intervals for the Well, and Co-ordinates for the location.


Output views are presented under the "Data-Type" buttons, along the top of the main ESdat screen.  Output views that match the prefix associated with each Data-Type button are displayed under that button.  Data-Type buttons can be customised under Setup - Data Types.


Output views are simply Access Queries or SQL Server Views and the user can open them in design view in Access or SQL Server Management Studio (if they have permissions).  Changes can be made, although it is recommended that any custom requirements be saved as new queries/views rather than saving as the original name.


Data may sometimes be edited in the output views, but in many instances may not, such as when the output is the result of a calculation based on other data.  In this situation, the data tables must be edited.