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File Name:        

         GraphTemplate.xls(.xla)        (Office 2000 - Office 2003) or

         GraphTemplate.xlsx                (Office 07, 10 + )


Excel 03 uses a different Template file to Excel 07 and higher.  This is because the graphing component in Excel changed in Excel 07 and wasn't 100% compatible with previous versions.


In Excel 07 and higher the .xlsx file is saved as normal in the relevant Templates Directory.  (The .xls and .xla files are not used)


In Excel 03 the .xls file is saved by clicking the "Save New Template" button on floating toolbar in the middle of the screen.  This will save the file as both a .xls and a .xla file.  It is the .xla file which is used by ESdat in the outputs.


The user can edit the excel file to insert company headers, or change the graph type or layout.  Project and Site details can be automatically populated by enclosing the Project and Site Field Names in square brackets where it is to appear on the output (in the header/footer or on the sheet).