Importing Wells

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Importing Wells

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A copy of the Wells Import template is included below along with field definitions. The import template is from the Access version of ESdat, the SQL server version is similar.



Location Code:

This is a required field.  A drop down option will allow you to select a Location Code from the range of Location Codes available within ESdat (see Locations Table).  A location code may be added here, however it is not recommended.  It is more efficient to enter Location codes via the Locations import template.

Well Code:

This is a required field. As discussed above all water level data requires a Well Code. For nested piezometers a typical well code may consist of “A”,”B”,”C”.  Where only a single piezometer is installed the WellCode isn't usually relevant so, we recommend a "-" (dash) be used.


Stickup is the height of well casing above ground level. It is usually measure in m.  Whichever unit you adopt it is important to use this consistently for all stickup data. We recommend including the specification of units in a procedures document appropriate for your company for all users to reference.


At a practical level in ESdat Top of Casing (TOC) refers to the reference point which groundwater dips are measured from. Generally TOC is considered to be a constant value, and so only one value needs to be used. TOC represents the summation of elevation as Australian Height  Datum (mean sea Level) and Stick up. Note that ESdat automatically calculates Water Level Elevations by deducting the Water Depth data from the TOC value.

Top Screen:

Top_Screen_Depth represents the top of the screen within the piezometer.

Bottom Screen:

Bottom_Screen_Depth represents the base of the screen within the piezometer.

Monitoring Unit:

This field may be used to identify a specific aquifer.  Data may be filtered by monitoring unit.

Well Base:

Well_Base represents the measured base of the piezometer.  Note that this is different to the measured base of the Bore hole.  The measured base of the Borehole is entered as Total_Depth in  the Boreholes import template (the Boreholes import template is also included in the Borehole/ Geological Logging import template).

Casing Description:

Casing_Description refers to the casing material used in the piezometer eg. Steel.