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Available Licences

Instructions for licencing are provided with the purchase of ESdat.

Moving Licences


Single User Licences

In order to move Single User Licences to another PC the currently licenced PC will need to be delicenced and a new SystemCode obtained.  Information on doing this is available here.


Single User Licences can only be moved for ongoing use on another machine, not moved on a temporary basis.


Network Licences

Network Licences will need to be re-issued if the server is changed.  Network Licences cannot be moved to new offices or regions.  In order to request a new Network Licence you will first need to run SystemCodeInfo.exe.


Prior to being run SystemCodeInfo.exe needs to be saved in the same directory as the licence file will be saved in.  Your licence directory, if you don’t know it, will be the directory indicated in ESdat under File – Network Information and will already contain a licence file “NetWorkLicence.NWL”.  The code generated should be sent to your support contact.


Support will also need to know:

the previous SystemCode which is being replaced,
the Office(s) this relates to, and
the UNC path where the file is to be stored.


In order to reference the Licence file users will need to point to the UNC Path where the Licence is stored.  This is set under Help - Licence - Specify Network Location.    It can alternatively be set under Setup - Network Location.