LNAPL Density Corrections for Water Levels

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LNAPL Density Corrections for Water Levels

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ESdat outputs will calculate a LNAPL density corrected water elevation for you given a depth to water level, a depth to NAPL (LNAPL), and a reference point (Top of Casing or surface elevation).


ESdat checks the following data tables for the density to used for these calculations, in the following order:


Well-specific values must be entered into the Chemistry Results table with a ChemCode of 'LNAPL_Rel_Density’.  The Location and WellCode must be specified for associated Chemistry_Sample.  If not imported as part of the Laboratory data the Histocial / Other Chemistry template can be used.


For Locations/Wells not specified individually as described above a site-specific relative density can be entered into the table called ‘Site_Properties’.  The property will be "LNAPL_Rel_Density", and the value will be the relative density.


If no value is entered for a Well, nor for the site, a default value of 0.76 is used.