Network Directory & Files

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Network Directory & Files

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The ESdat Network Directory (Setup - Network Information) is used to store the following:


ESdat Licence File (Office and Network Licences only, not for Single User Licences).
Database File DSN (for SQL Server versions of ESdat only)


In addition, this Directory may contain the following Sub-Directories for corporate files

Environmental Standards
Post Import Custom Calculations


These can be copied from the Installation Folder and modified or added to.  In no circumstances should modified files be saved to directories underneath the installation folder; changes may get lost when running updates.


For Single User Licences, or where only one instance of ESdat Desktop is installed, the Network Directory can be created on the local PC.

Where ESdat Desktop is installed on more than one computer (i.e., Office and Network Licences), the Network Directory should be created in a network location that is accessible by all instances of ESdat.