Managing Site / Projects (SQL Server Version)

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Managing Site / Projects (SQL Server Version)

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In the SQL Server version all data is stored in a single database.  A site can be associated with one or many projects, and a project can be associated with one or many sites.  It is also possible to open data related to one or all sites at the one time.  This provides for centralised storage and improved data management on a site/project basis.  Site or Project Management and user permissions is provided via the Web interface (See, however some basic functionality is available via the Desktop interface.


Starting a new Site and new Project

Start ESdat. Select File - Site / Project Association, then:
Click 'New Site and New Project'


Adding a Site to an existing Project

Select File – Project/Site Association.
Select the Project and click Add existing Site or Add new Site.


Adding a Project to an existing Site

Select File – Project/Site Association.
Select the Site and click Add existing Project or Add new Project.


Deleting a Site or Project

Select File – Project/Site Association.
Select the Project/Site
Right Click and select Delete or Rename


If a Site or Project contains data you will need Admin access to delete the whole Site/Project from the database.


Accessing data for a Site or Project not listed on startup

Permission to access data is controlled by either Site Access or Project Permissions.  Only Sites you have "Access" for and Projects you can "View" are listed on the startup form.


Select the "Other" button on the startup form, or on the main form select Open - Other and check the box next to the Site or Project you wish to use.
Users with Read-Only access in ESdat Desktop can't  set the Site Access or Project Permissions, an Admin user needs to set that for them.


Providing Project Permissions via ESdat Desktop will only assign ability to View and Add data to a project.  Advanced permission management (including assigning Edit and Delete permissions) are managed via the Web Interface and apply to both ESdat Server Web and ESdat Desktop for the same login.  See



Deactivating Projects

Projects can be de-activated so that they cannot be edited by anyone. Only a Admin User can activate and deactivate a project. Deactivating is managed via the web interface.