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File Name: WinLog_LithCodes.csv


When using the WinLog export the lithology graphic for each Lithology_Code is specified in this file.  If users wish to add an extra lithology to this file (because they have added one to ESdat) they should copy the settings for a similar lithology.  Users who are comfortable accessing the WinLog database can create a lithology graphic of their choice in WinLog and look at the WinLog Lithology table to see what settings relate to that graphic.  Open in Notepad.


File Name: WinLog_Templates.txt


A list of WinLog templates (can be edited) that users will be able to choose from when exporting from ESdat.  Open in Notepad.


Three example templates are provided with ESdat, and will be imported to your WinLog templates database.  More information about them is available in the general WinLog information.


File Name: WinLog_Headers.txt


Allows customisation of the text description to be used for each header item.  Open in Notepad.